With over 100 years’ collective industry experience, Devmco Group started with a core team of highly skilled and passionate people. We made our mark on the KZN coastline and have delivered R8 billion in property development between Umhlanga Ridgeside and the Sibaya Coastal Precinct, resulting in over R5 billion in property sales. We brought you Sibaya Coastal Precinct’s first residential development, OceanDune Sibaya. From there on things moved in quantum leaps, resulting in us being part of the professional development team behind the iconic Umhlanga Arch, to now taking full ownership of our own developments from conception to completion.

We know that property development is so much more than just bricks in the ground, and to make things happen we wanted to be in control of the entire process and put our stamp of quality on each of our projects. Today, Devmco Group is a team of over 60 skilled professionals from various industries and spheres, who add a wealth of knowledge, expertise and innovation to everything we do.

We oversee the entire property development process

As Developers and development managers, we direct the whole chain of development because we offer one complete solution for every step in the property development journey. We are proactive and professional. We are hands-on and most importantly, accountable.

We align our outcomes to what people want

We take the time to know our market and with a team of in-house professionals, we have executed the vision of the precinct pioneers who first saw what Sibaya could be. We ourselves are invested in this vision, with our newly built offices adjacent to our first residential development in the Sibaya Coastal Precinct.

We carry the risk

We manage the major risk factors at each phase of the development process to deliver a completed project of the highest quality, within budget and on time. But risk factors aside, we are also big thinkers and designers, balancing big ideas, aesthetics and accountability in what we do.

We deliver

Quality informs the outcome, and by being accountable we have to ensure we deliver on promises. We provide the essential services, utilities and infrastructure at the early establishment phase of a development. This means we do not rely on outside service providers, contractors or official bodies along the journey of creating world-class developments. This also means we have control over how things are done, and this helps us in achieving our goal to be eco-conscious in everything we do.

We are Proudly Durban

Born and bred here in KwaZulu-Natal, with our offices within the first place we ever broke ground, we are here to stay. We are investing time, energy and money into making Durban the premium place to live, work and play

We exceed our benchmarks

We are spearheading development along or coastline and setting new industry benchmarks, but we are also focused on exceeding these benchmarks. Some of our early developments have been delivered within timeframes unseen in the country and this has provided the blueprint for the future. To be constantly evolving is in our DNA.

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