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Untouchable security

Pushing the boundaries and embracing new technologies, Gold Coast Estate was the first premium estate of Devmco Group’s to install South Africa’s first no-touch biometric system. With the creation and implementation of new technologies in an ever-changing world, Gold Coast Estate aims to constantly innovate to make life seamless and accessible.

This new system is part of a bigger picture which embraces technology to enhance life, which is happening worldwide and is set to become a way of life for many of us.

Currently, several ‘biometric’ technologies are in use- fingerprint scanning, facial recognition and retina scanning with many of these now seamlessly becoming part of our lives. Although we have, and are embracing this technology, it has the ability to one day makes passwords and pins obsolete. Think about it for a minute; how many of us would be comfortable to use a retina scanning system to draw cash, or authenticate a legal agreement using just a thumbprint instead of a handwritten signature? This is the future of non-physical authentication and of course, there are advantages and disadvantages.

Why is this a good thing?

Firstly, the days of trying to remember a million passwords will be over. Life becomes cardless, touch-free and without passwords and pins. You, the person, will become the means of authentication and with that comes less opportunity for fraudulent activity using your data. Without you, the human, there can be no transaction or authentication. At the moment, not all systems are fool proof; facial recognition can be fooled using photographs or a recording can be played in place of a real human voice. With any kind of biometric authentication, there is always a risk. Although it is very unlikely, there will come a day where data criminals will find a way to intercept our valuable biometric data, which means these systems will keep evolving and advancing. The next evolution of biometric authentication will have to include some sort of intelligence that recognises that there is a live human attached to the fingerprint, voice and so forth.

Although it’s a possibility that biometrics could replace and surpass all other forms of authentication it does not mean that they will. What may emerge is a sort of hybrid multi-step system which blend your unique biometric signature (be it voice, fingerprint, retina or facial scanning) along with a unique pin or password.

What kinds of authentication systems are out there?

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