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Home trends from the pandemic

Following the Impact of COVID-19 over the last 18 months, we are slowly adjusting to the new norms of life. Whether Its work from home or opting to home-school your kids, It Is evident that for many people, their homes have become a sanctuary for their families.


Home is where the heart is

While circumstances around Covid-19 and the way people interact continue to change, many families and individuals still remain wary. As a result of this people will opt to stay at home and find ways to make their space as appealing as possible.

An Entertainer’s Dream

Our homes will become where and how we socialise, by choice. By being at home people will feel they can control the environment and who they allow into it. It all sounds very apocalyptic, but it is an opportunity to reignite meaningful engagements rather than spending time and energy on mindless consumption. With this, homeowners may look to renovate or retrofit spaces within their homes to suit this end; and with that we may see a resurgence of spaces that are used purely for entertaining. These spaces will likely still retain the seamless flow of open plan living, but now more thought will be given as to how the space can work to accommodate a group of people larger than their family.

You light up my life

If spaces within a home are going to have to become multi-functional, they’ll have to be designed to be highly adaptable with just the flick of a switch. A dining area which is used for home school during the day requires the right kind of lighting for the task but come Saturday night the ambience of that space will need to change; and lighting is one of the most overlooked mood enhancers. The atmosphere can change quickly, and relatively cheaply with just a change in lighting.

Come as you are

Online shopping has seen a massive boom at this time and countries like SA have been relatively slow on the uptake of this. The current health pandemic has changed our buying habits a]by force- people now have to forego the experience of shopping for the sake of their personal safety. What that means is that goods and groceries are now being delivered to people’s home, but the inhabitants may not always be available to receive the goods. In place of this, many people will undoubtedly see the benefit of having a concierge within their residential development who can receive deliveries on their behalf and stow them safely until the owners can collect them.

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