Behind The Scenes of Property Development

Have you ever wondered about what happens behind the creation of awe-inspiring estates, shopping centres, skyscrapers, and planned communities? Property development is a remarkable blend of art and science that transforms land into thriving urban landscapes. Let Devmco Group show you the fascinating journey behind the scenes of property development, shedding light on the roles played by developers, architects, engineers, construction workers, project managers, and subcontractors.

Pre-Development Phase: Building Castles in the Air

The journey begins with the developers who are essentially the visionary pioneers of property development. Armed with market research and a keen eye for potential, developers conceptualise projects that meet the needs of the ever-evolving world. They assess market demand, analyse trends, and envision structures that harmoniously integrate with the surrounding environment. Once the perfect site is found, the developer negotiates land deals, securing the canvas on which their vision will come to life.

Market assessment plays a big role at this stage. Deciding if the development will be mixed-use or zoned for single use helps determine the steps needed to take. Mixed-use development involves incorporating residential, retail and recreational in one, all-inclusive design – which naturally involves consulting with a range of experts in these respective fields, ensuring project success.

Relying on the experience of developments that are thriving, sourcing information from global success stories and trends, all feeds into the final vision. This research goes hand-in-hand with current consumer trends for what is redefining modern living.

Design Phase: Blueprinting The Dream

This is where the magic truly unfolds. Architects take the developer’s vision and breathe life into it through intricate blueprints and awe-inspiring 3D renderings. With a deep understanding of aesthetics, functionality, and adherence to building codes, architects weave dreams into tangible artistic impressions.

This is the stage where we can see visuals and renders of what the precinct may look like. In a shopping mall design, for example, we can look at the flow of customers in the mall, and the ease of access from the parking lot. These designs go a long way in bringing more partners on board to fulfil the larger vision.

Simultaneously, engineers come into play. Engineers are problem solvers at heart, identifying challenges and designing innovative systems and structures for the development to thrive:

Civil engineers design the infrastructure – roads, drainage systems, and utilities – these form the backbone of the development.

Structural engineers plan the building’s framework, ensuring it can withstand the tests of time and nature.

Mechanical and electrical engineers craft intelligent systems, offering comfort and efficiency to future occupants.

Regulatory Approvals: Building with Confidence

The journey onward encounters a series of regulations and approvals. Developers and architects work together to prepare and submit development plans to local authorities, navigating zoning restrictions and environmental impact assessments. The meticulous attention to detail and compliance with building codes paves the way for project approval, allowing dreams to take shape.

Pre-Construction Phase: Project Management

Enter project managers, the master coordinators of all moving parts. Project managers collaborate with developers, architects and engineers, meticulously planning every aspect of the project.

They create a comprehensive budget that accounts for material costs, labour, and other expenses. The project manager will then proceed to source contractors for the various roles. This is done through a rigorous system and is a crucial step before construction starts.

The project manager must also be able to track the progress of the development and all contractors, ensuring all stakeholders involved are aware of each step of the process. This is often done through project tracking software and fine attention to detail.

Construction Phase: Laying the Foundation

This is where the project starts to take shape. Construction workers embark on the physical realisation of the visionary blueprint. They clear and level the land, prepare the foundation, and erect structures with precision and care.

Once the structures are in place, the development team moves on to the internal fit out. Carpenters craft shelving and cupboards, masons create solid foundations, electricians illuminate spaces with light, plumbers ensure water systems are in place, and painters give life to the project’s vibrant colours.

Amidst the creation, project managers ensure seamless coordination and safety, prioritising the well-being of workers and the larger community.

Changes and Challenges: Navigating the Unexpected

No journey is without its twists and turns. Challenges are usually flagged by the project management team after consultation with contractors on the ground. Part and parcel of this process is regular site inspections to determine the source of the challenge and brainstorm the best possible solution with the resources at hand.

Project managers exhibit their adaptability, managing unforeseen challenges like inclement weather, supply chain disruptions, or design alterations requested by stakeholders. Architects and engineers collaborate in this creative problem-solving, preserving the integrity of the design while overcoming construction hurdles.

Post-Construction Phase: From Dream to Reality

As the final finishes are added, a thorough inspection takes place to ensure compliance with regulations and quality standards. Each zone is mapped out and regular inspections are done in order to meet safety and building requirements. The final masterpiece is complete and we then embark on the handover process.

The art and science of property development represents the seamless and exciting collaboration of visionaries and builders. Devmco Group have teamed with only the best in the industry and who can turn our vision into sought-after, trendsetting lifestyles.

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