Boosting economy through property development

Proudly South African, Devmco Group’s philosophy is to embark on development projects with a long-term vision of economic growth for the region. Through property development, the residential market is brought into the area, a new lifestyle is created, families thrive, schools begin to be sought-after, commercial and business opportunities evolve and over time the precinct begins to generate new pockets of economic investment.

At Devmco Group we go beyond building homes, we look at the holistic precinct. Development must be sustainable, taking into account real estate trends, the changing lifestyle of the population and opportunities to boost the economy through job creation.

Devmco Group’s first project in the Sibaya Coastal Precinct

We first entered the Sibaya Coastal Precinct and conceptualised the larger vision for each node through our partnership with Tongaat Hulett. Renowned for positively impacting communities in the region, we sought to build a precinct that will benefit KwaZulu-Natal and bring economic growth to South Africa.

OceanDune Sibaya was the first development project in 2016 that set the Sibaya Coastal Precinct off to a running start. Pebble Beach soon followed, offering chic studio and 1-3-bedroom units. Each development created its own unique lifestyle draws, from a rooftop 3-hole putting green to resort-style pools.

As the first developer to break ground for residential development in the catalytic Sibaya Coastal Precinct, we aimed to create landmark lifestyle estates that set the precedent for all other estates to come.

Gold Coast Estate soon followed and introduced a secure, holistic lifestyle where residents could visit the sports centre in the estate, exercise on over 75 km of walking trails, picnic peacefully by the dam and enjoy weekends with the kids at the clubhouse. All from the comfort of their freestanding home or townhouse apartment within the estate.

The lifestyle in the Sibaya Coastal Precinct attracted the market and within the first five years, Devmco Group had achieved over R4 billion in residential sales and created over 5 000 jobs through construction projects alone.

It is estimated that Devmco Group will create over 80 000 jobs through our developments in the Sibaya Coastal Precinct, unfolding within a 10-year frame from when we first broke ground in the region.

Salta Sibaya

With Salta Sibaya, we developed the Marine Walk Shopping Centre in conjunction with the first phase of homes being built at Salta Estate and Capri Village. The development of our mixed-use node is where you can see the dynamic interplay of the residential and commercial market and how one sustains the other.

In President Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation address in 2022, he stated the vital importance of the private sector in creating jobs. Explaining his point in simple terms, he said, “We all know that the government does not create jobs. Businesses do. Around 80% of all the people employed in South Africa are employed in the private sector.”

Salta Sibaya achieved R2bn in sales in its first year of launching and has created up to 2 000 permanent jobs within the estate and the new mall. During construction of the first phase it was estimated that up to 15 000 short-term jobs were created.

In addition to this, the influx of new residential property allows for rates to be generated for the municipality in the region, stimulating economic growth and resources for further development. Over 1 000 homes are in the process of being constructed in Salta Sibaya with Capri Village about to enter into Phase 3 sales. It is estimated that upon completion Devmco Group would be generating up to R40m in rates for the municipality.

Sustainable development

Growing regions through development is an opportunity to partner with sustainable solutions within development. In all our developments, we look at integrating solar panels and inverters in our design for homes and for commercial spaces such as Marine Walk. We source architectural and project management partners who can design for the abundant natural light of the Sibaya Coastal Precinct and incorporate these sustainable modern features. We’ve also looked at how to conserve water-use through grey water harvesting and other techniques.

Our goal is to create cities of the future within the development projects we undertake. Innovative design and modernity now rises up to meet the demands of the market who want green estates and a serene coastal lifestyle.

Devmco Group is proud to contribute to the growth of the region through our projects and we look forward to rolling out the next phase of development in the Sibaya Coastal Precinct as we approach 2024.

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