Life at Pebble Beach not only means coastal resort-style living, but also access to the prestigious Sibaya Coastal Precinct. As the country’s best performing residential precinct, the Sibaya Coastal Precinct will offer a host of residential developments as well as modern, holistic facilities. As a combination of residential estates and holistic facilities, the Sibaya Coastal Precinct is a mixed-use precinct and the city of the future.

Offering a high degree accessibility is central to the placement and orientation of this 1000-hectare mixed-use precinct. A new road, called the Heleza Boulevard, is being developed within the precinct and will become the most important arterial route of the Sibaya Coastal Precinct and running the length the whole length within. Over and above creating connectivity within the precinct, the Heleza Boulevard is designed to allow safe and free movement of people and vehicles through the precinct with a 10-metre wide median lane for people and bikes. Developed with a strong sustainability ethos, one of the aims of the precinct is to create a modern way of life, and with that, encourage people to seek alternative modes of transport either on foot via one of the many routes for pedestrians, or use the dedicated precinct shuttle.

With 60% of the Sibaya Coastal Precinct remaining undeveloped, the lush coastal forest which surrounds the precinct will be accessible to residents and visitors. Pebble Beach will have direct access, through a perimeter gate, to the unique forest boardwalk. This boardwalk is elevated and will wind through the forest canopy and ultimately down the beachfront. Along the boardwalk and within the forest will be a number of bird hides where residents and visitors can stop and spend time observing the bird and animal life in the forest. As a managed precinct, the forest boardwalk and forest area as a whole will be a managed zone with security presence and maintenance teams who will take care of the amenities such as the forest boardwalk and such.

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