Devmco Diaries: Uncovering iconic living at Umhlanga Arch

Over the last 10 years, KZN has grown to become one of the leading destinations in South Africa. Whether it is your choice of location for leisure or living, this province showcases a range of diverse options including access to the bustling commercial hub of Umhlanga. Providing an unsurpassed destination that embodies the ultimate live, work, play and stay destination, Umhlanga Arch is now a leading lifestyle choice in KZN. As part of the first series of the Devmco Diaries, which sets out to offer exclusive behind the scene insight into key developments, the team behind Umhlanga Arch share their experience of making this iconic development a reality and changing KZN’s coastline landscape.

Charles Thompson, director of Devmco Group, makes mention that there were many key role-players with stories to be told about the construction of this mixed-use development. “It’s not a one-man-show, you can’t do a building like that without a synergised team” he explains.
According to John Van Wyk, founding partner of Craft of Architecture, “It was something quite spectacular, it doesn’t usually happen, not in our climate anyway. Bringing together 90 000 square metres of construction in the short space of a year was a mammoth task.” Within Umhlanga Arch there are 162 apartments ranging from 1,2,3 or 4-bedrooms, 25 penthouse suites and 30 New York style-lofts that combine a premium environment and capture the best of Umhlanga’s breath-taking views of the Indian Ocean and cityscape.

From what was an idea sketched off a serviette during a social gathering to constructing what has become an iconic structure in KwaZulu-Natal, the story behind Umhlanga Arch is certainly a unique one. Watch the first episode of the Devmco Diaries series and learn first-hand what went behind making this development a reality.

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