Devmco Group has redefined the retirement market

The real estate market has witnessed a plethora of trends over the years, from urban sprawls to the recent surge in gated communities. Amidst this ever-evolving landscape, as a developer, Devmco Group has stood out in its vision and execution in redefining retirement living. With our latest projects, Capri Village, we have crafted an unparalleled blend of comfort, luxury, and modernism, exclusively catering to the over-50 demographic. We delve into how Devmco Group has successfully reshaped the contours of the retirement market with its ground-breaking release of Capri Village.

An insight into Devmco Group’s vision

Devmco Group has always been renowned for its innovative approach to real estate development. Our projects reflect a unique blend of architectural finesse and modern living requirements. With Capri Village, we aimed to craft an environment that seamlessly merges the tranquility of coastal life with the conveniences of modern living, specifically designed for individuals over 50.

Location, location, location

The geographical positioning of Capri Village is nothing short of strategic. Nestled within the Salta Sibaya, the development enjoys the vibrancy of the coastal lifestyle in Umdloti, an area that has seen a considerable surge in demand due to its proximity to landmarks like Umhlanga and the King Shaka International Airport. The Sibaya and Umdloti areas have not only recorded significant appreciation in property value, but they have also seen a population growth of 30% since 2011, further emphasising the location’s allure.

Innovative home solutions

Devmco’s brilliance shines through the varied housing options they offer within Capri Village. The estate houses 2 to 4-bedroom freestanding homes. They have listened to the pulse of the market, launching Capri Village Phase 2 with homes restructured to meet contemporary needs and desires. Moreover, the introduction of newer unit types, including 3-bedroom and 3-bathroom, as well as 4-bedroom with 3-bathroom options, highlights their commitment to continuous evolution.

A myriad of world-class amenities

One of Capri Village’s standout features is its abundant amenities. Residents have access to a state-of-the-art clubhouse, bowling green, bocce ball, braai pods, an indoor pool, a well-stocked library, and many more. These amenities don’t just offer luxury but also foster community interaction and a vibrant social life.

With the launch of the Marine Walk shopping centre, residents have access to an array of shopping destinations from national retailers, including Woolworths, Spar, Dischem, and local eateries like Casa Nostra.

Emphasis on sustainability and environmental consciousness

Salta Sibaya is built around the philosophy of sustainability and environmental consciousness, resonating deeply with Capri Village’s prospective buyers. We know that those who are environmentally conscious and prioritise sustainability in their living spaces will appreciate the smart features and eco-friendly design of the homes.

An Active Coastal Lifestyle

Beyond the walls of their homes, residents can immerse themselves in Salta Sibaya’s green parks, extensive nature trails, and the mesmerising 6km stretch of pristine beaches surrounded by lush coastal forest. This not only ensures an active lifestyle but also a deep connection with nature.

Health and wellness

Understanding the unique needs of the over-50 demographic, Capri Village has integrated discreet and professional medical services. They offer in-home care services, ensuring that residents have access to healthcare within the comfort of their community and through a trusted team, TotalCare. This is a testament to Devmco’s holistic approach to retirement living.

An investment perspective

Capri Village is not just an ideal retirement destination but also a prudent investment. Lightstone’s recent studies indicate that sectional title homes within secure estates, like Capri Village, are fetching a 31% price premium over homes sold outside such estates. With property values in the Umdloti and Sibaya areas already showcasing robust growth, investing in Capri Village promises lucrative returns.

In a market brimming with real estate projects, Capri Village, a brainchild of the Devmco Group, stands out for its visionary approach to retirement living. They have successfully married luxury with convenience, nature with modernism, and community living with privacy. It’s a lifestyle statement for those who seek the best in their golden years. By creating a space that caters to the unique needs of the over-50 demographic while also offering a compelling investment opportunity, Devmco Group has indeed set a gold standard in the retirement market. Capri Village is a beacon of what retirement living can and should be.

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