Looking into architectural trends for 2022

The KZN North Coast is developing at a phenomenal rate and Devmco Group aims to create homes that are trend-setting, build communities and innovate a new way of living. In order to deliver the best, it’s important to keep in mind what trends are happening in the architectural space as well. We take a look at 3 key architectural trends that are on our radar this year.


Sustainable architecture

Over the years there has been a fundamental shift towards sustainable architecture, which continues in 2022. According to the World Green Building Council, 39% of global carbon emissions can be attributed to buildings, while 28% to cooling, lighting and heating and 11% due to the construction process itself. The concerning impact on the environment has led to architecturally include more green spaces and natural elements at every step of the development. We have incorporated smarter materials that are environmentally conscious. Salta Sibaya is a key development where we’ve incorporated a green central spine to connect the forest areas and different living nodes. It provides a visually pleasing aesthetic with one of the aims being the reduction of carbon emissions.


Access to natural spaces

Globally, the Covid-19 lockdowns experienced across the world have created the need to reconnect with nature as people grow frustrated with staying indoors.


Michael Lewis, Group Design Director at BSBG Architects, shares:


“Access to quality natural space is critical now given the work-from-home continuation. This year I expect to see more emphasis placed on creating affordable housing and communities that have quality outdoor spaces.”


Open spaces and natural views are a major selling point for all of our estates. Pebble Beach, OceanDune, Gold Coast Estate and Salta Sibaya gives residents access to many outdoor amenities, including the Sibaya forest and beach.



Clean, structural lines conveying stability and simplicity is the trend for 2022. Minimalism is driven by  simple design elements and modern materials used.


For all developments on the North Coast, including Salta Sibaya and Umhlanga Arch, Devmco Group has worked with Craft of Architecture. Their team has created collaborative processes where creativity meets strategic, modern design. Their philosophy embodies the simple and sustainable architectural design trends that are being actualised globally. Founding Partner John Van Wyk says, “We try to focus on one or two lines that the public can easily recognise. A building that is too busy, with too many stand out features tends to draw a question mark in the public mind.” A key example of the current trend in simple architecture, that Durbanites will recognise, is the prominent, yet simple arch design of Umhlanga Arch.


In 2022, we see architectural trends responding to the market, designing estates that meet the search for a safe haven with open and multipurpose spaces, and using materials that are sustainable and offer key striking features in the overall silhouette of the building. The need for more sustainable materials means we design smarter and with the aim of decreasing our environmental impact. As a result, we anticipate seeing more natural light and floor to ceiling glass windows featuring spectacular views in the design of our developments.


At Devmco Group, we’re ready to bring the latest architectural design trends to life and look forward to an incredible year of pushing our developments to the next level.

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