Revolutionising security within estates

Situated within the Sibaya Coastal Precinct, Devmco Group’s developments showcase the height of property sophistication. With a range of dynamic facilities and features, their developments have transformed the way families live along KZN’s North Coast. As one of the focal feature points, security plays a vital role in the environment individuals live in. Devmco Group has taken this seriously and revolutionised this aspect in their lifestyle estates.

From the development and launch of the first Devmco Group projects, OceanDune and Pebble Beach Sibaya, quality security systems have been put in place. As apartment style living, these developments enjoy secured access through biometric/key cards, CCTV monitoring, 24-hour guard presence and perimeter, electric fencing around the development which includes secured access for residents.

Upon the development of Gold Coast Estate, Devmco Group was proud to be the first to introduce a “no touch system” in South Africa. Located at its gatehouse, the no-touch biometric reader is the first layer of Gold Coast Estate’s already-robust and multi-layered estate security. Charles Thompson, Developer of Gold Coast Estate shares. “Innovation has always been at the forefront of what we do; and this aligns with our future-proofing promise to plan 5-10 years ahead. We started planning to introduce this system years ago, long before ‘contact-less’ systems became essential. This technology is not readily available in SA – we had to source it from abroad, which took some time as we had to ensure that the system was not only the right one, but that, once we had sourced we were able to provide the back-up support in terms of vital data storage (we have to know who has come in and out), checking, regular testing, maintenance and repairs. We are keeping our promise of top-tier security within a bespoke estate for families and part of creating a bespoke experience is security – it gives our families true peace of mind. Yes, we are early adopters, and I am not calling this a trend because it’s not; it is the way of the future and we pride ourselves at being ahead of the curve; we have sourced, imported and implemented South Africa’s first no-touch biometric system at absolutely no extra cost to our homeowners.”

With the creation of the recently launched Salta Sibaya, security again will be taken to another level. Director of Devmco Group, Charles Thompson explains “Security is a vital part of all estates. With several elements put in place including security perimeter fencing, the electrification, beams, alarms, patrol guards and smart technology along with the positioning of cameras within the estate, strategically placed along the roads and in the common areas.” Salta Sibaya is a mixed-use, family-centric estate and to ensure that your living experience is optimal, security will become a fundamental element within the estate and around it. Catering to the residential, retail and commercial zones within the estate, each sector will host its own security component ensuring that there is controlled access at all times.

Over the last 7 years, the Sibaya Coastal Precinct has cultivated a safe and thriving environment for both residents and visitors. Providing the last layer in the triple layer security system, the Sibaya Precinct Master Management Association takes a proactive approach to safety within the precinct. Hosting dedicated response vehicles, security officers in high-use areas and in partnership with local enforcement, the association ensures an overall safe environment together with the various developments in the area.

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