South Africa’s first no-touch system

In these challenging economic times businesses have no choice but to innovate. As the market’s attention becomes harder and harder to capture, and property developers are being pushed to find the next best thing in order to create that competitive advantage.

Gold Coast Estate introduces the country’s first completely contact-less security system. Located at its Gatehouse, the no-touch biometric reader is the first layer of Gold Coast Estate’s already-robust and multi-layered estate security. The developers of Gold Coast Estate, Devmco Group have innovation already weaved into their DNA so introducing something entirely new, innovative and unseen was just a matter of sourcing the right system.

Charles Thompson, Developer of Gold Coast Estate shares. “Innovation has always been at the forefront of what we do; and this aligns with our future-proofing promise to plan 5-10 years ahead. We started planning to introduce this system over 2 years ago, long before ‘contact-less’ systems became essential. Although we find ourselves amidst a health crisis which has made people very sensitive about how then engage with their environment, this was not the key driver for us; innovation is, and has always been a key driver. This technology is not readily available in SA- we had to source it from abroad, which took some time as we had to ensure that the system was not only the right one, but that, once we had sourced we were able to provide the back-up support in terms of vital data storage (we have to know who has come in and out), checking, regular testing, maintenance and repairs. We are keeping our promise of top-tier security within a bespoke estate for families and part of creating a bespoke experience is security- it gives our families true peace of mind. …Yes, we are early adopters, and I am not calling this a trend because it’s not; it is the way of the future and we pride ourselves at being ahead of the curve; we have sourced, imported and implemented South Africa’s first no-touch biometric system at absolutely no extra cost to our homeowners.”

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