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Selling your home: Why use Devmco Realty?

Perhaps you are thinking about selling your home but are not quite sure of the best way to do this? After all, you want maximum exposure for minimum input so you will likely be weighing up the options. Selling your home within a residential development takes a certain kind of agency – one that has intimate knowledge of the area, the estate and the kind of buyers who would be interested. Often, it is best to sell your home through the developer, like Devmco Group, who have their own in-house estate agency, Devmco Realty.

Selling your home through Devmco Realty

Estate agencies are professional organisations whose sole goal is to get your home sold for you. Agencies have the necessary tools and tech in place to make the sale of your home as smooth as possible. What’s more, is that agencies will have a database of buyers they can pitch the home to thereby helping to find a buyer in a much shorter timeframe.

An estate agent is already equipped with the knowledge and the skill needed to successfully sell your home. They will shoulder the lion’s share of the responsibilities and will do all the running around (that can take up valuable time). Estate agents are also adept at gauging a buyer’s interest in a property, as well as picking up on the subtle and unspoken cues which indicate a buyer may not like something. These are things that you may not pick up on.

An estate agent has a good in-depth knowledge of the area where your property is located and will therefore know what kind of price it can fetch. Sometimes you may pitch too high and miss out on a heap of interested buyers. An agency will always want to present your property in the most favourable way and will therefore highlight its best features and unique selling points. What you may think is a notable feature, may not be, and the estate agent will guide you on this.

When it comes to the administration and paperwork, your agent has got your back by taking care of all of this. What’s more is that the agent is suitably qualified and legally allowed to conduct the sale on your behalf. An agent is bound by the regulations of the Estate agencies Affairs Board (EAAB) and therefore has to ensure that he/she does what is legal and is best fiduciary practice in their capacity as an estate agent.

An estate agent will always provide honest and objective advice – they want to sell your home as much as you do. Your agent is your ally, and they are there to support you when it comes to the things you may not be familiar or comfortable with – especially the legal agreements. Estate agents are generally good with people, and are able to negotiate offers for you, in a professional, polite, and honest manner.

It pays off to list your home with an agency, like Devmco Realty, which has a good track record. Do some research to see what kind of homes the agency is selling and how successful they are at doing that

OceanDune’s Architectural vision: Designed to honour the ocean

Designed by John van Wyk from Craft of Architecture (COA), OceanDune is designed to pay homage to its unique coastal location while creating a resort-like atmosphere within a community-centric estate.

As the first residential estate developed within the Sibaya Coastal Precinct, OceanDune is a dream made real. Developed on wild land, this estate set the benchmark for future development within Sibaya and played a part in creating market confidence in the precinct.


One of the challenges faced by the architect was to develop an estate with over 200 apartments while retaining an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity which emanates from the surrounding natural beauty. Aside from the scale of the estate, one of the challenges was to orientate the building so that every unit would benefit from the coastal vistas.

John van Wyk says it was a case of balancing the hard building elements while honouring the ocean and coastal forest. He adds further, “The views from your unit are unbelievable; forest in the immediate foreground and as the eye moves further ahead, the ocean and virtually every apartment has a sea view. You don’t find this in too many other places in the world. It is truly unique, and the design of the estate had to pay homage to this. The inherent natural beauty was the jumping off point for the layout and design of OceanDune.”


The tranquil atmosphere of the estate is further enhanced by the corridors and solar screens on the west side which provide a sound buffer against any noise from the M4. Using the natural elements to its advantage, each unit at OceanDune has expansive openings on both sides to allow air to flow through and cool your apartment. Security has also been considered in the design, and the opening on the corridor-side of each apartment is fitted with a screen. You can sleep with your sliding doors open in perfect safety.


The overarching goal with the communal facilities is to bring people out of their apartments and create a sense of community. The facilities themselves are very much centred around KZN’s warm climate and the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors at almost any time of the year. At OceanDune, families can enjoy life within the safety of the estate with 2 dedicated splash pools for kids, each with a slide which are located close to the 2 ‘adult ’pools. Kids have their very own play area set up with climbing apparatus and other equipment while adults can keep active in the estate gym. The piece de resistance is undoubtably the elevated sun deck, which offers the perfect vantage point to enjoy the Indian Ocean in all its splendour. The ocean is the hero of OceanDune, and the design of the estate endeavours to give every apartment the best ocean views possible. Many of the roofs of the buildings are planted to create ‘living roofs’. The philosophy behind this is to give anyone at OceanDune the opportunity to enjoy the best views whether from the sun deck, on top of a roof or from their private balcony.

The sun deck offers simple pleasures – spend time on the sun deck gazing at the green forest or crystalline ocean while lounging comfortably in one of the suspended cocoon chairs. The sun deck has a pool and sun loungers, perfect for long warm summer days. Get-togethers are had around the braai pods or fire which are set under a pergola, or around the fire pit.


The beautiful ocean vistas and serene coastal forest are what truly make OceanDune unique, while communal facilities only add its desirability. Positioned along KZN’s best stretch of coastline, OceanDune pays homage to KZN’s warm climate and the breath-taking ocean views.

#PropertyUncut with Charles Thompson Episode 10

With an undersupply of good quality retirement opportunities in KZN, many people have been asking where they should invest and what should they be looking out for when they do. Amongst several factors, here are some of the things we believe are important when investing in a retirement property:


To get the full picture of all the points discussed in our live Q&A session, please click here to watch our video.

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