#PropertyUncut with Charles Thompson Episode 10

With an undersupply of good quality retirement opportunities in KZN, many people have been asking where they should invest and what should they be looking out for when they do. Amongst several factors, here are some of the things we believe are important when investing in a retirement property:

  • Location (proximity to beaches, access to the outdoors and green belts, safe areas to walk pets, access to airports and major city centres, as well as access to medical facilities and hospitals).
  • Convenience (onsite offerings like coffee shops, cafés, restaurants, hair salons and child-friendly amenities for when grandkids come to visit).
  • Affordability (being able to invest in a good quality lifestyle but still retain some capital liquidity for other things; ongoing affordability of your retirement investment and keeping monthly expenses like estate levies low).
  • Security and connectivity (Fibre, WIFI in common areas, state-of-the-art security with biometric access and smart security tracking systems should all be provided)
  • Sectional Title vs Life Rights (which is a better option for a retirement purchase and why).


To get the full picture of all the points discussed in our live Q&A session, please click here to watch our video.

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