Introducing Sibaya’s new exclusive webinar

As the developer behind Salta Sibaya, Devmco Group, along with the professional team, took the time to talk around the unique aspects of their latest innovation. This was a one-stop opportunity for potential purchasers to learn about the various opportunities within Salta Sibaya as the team unpacked the vision, architecture, and landscape that this esteemed development will offer.

The vision
Devmco Group has identified the high demand for spacious estates with multiple facilities. Charles Thompson, Director of Devmco Group notes that over the period of lockdown, the need for safe estate living, that is well placed in a key location, at an affordable price-point is now a necessity for many families.

Architecture inspiration
John Van Wyk, the Lead Architect from Craft of Architecture, describes this revolutionary development as a comfortable neighbourhood that presents opportunity for large scale living. Salta Sibaya offers simplicity and walkability with its design. There will be various systems put in place for the residents such as pedestrian walkways with a lush green network running throughout the estate leading to the central park as a main point. The architecture of Salta Sibaya focuses on expressing the natural surroundings with an outlook highlighting the famous subtropical climate of KZN. The homes within Salta Estate, a component of the holistic Salta Sibaya offering, present open-plan and fresh interior choices that lead outdoors, while the exteriors complement the green conservancy and nature that surrounds these homes.

Nature the heart of the landscape
The landscape architect from Land Art Studios, Bernice Rumble suggested that the focus of the outdoors within Salta Sibaya will place emphasis on green conservation. The 34 hectares of existing natural elements will provide buffer trails around the development, which will also highlight the nearby wetlands and North forest. There will be 54 hectares of green land which will be known as a “no go zone” for the developer and therefore will follow the prescribed ecology and rehabilitation that will be rich in biodiversity, remaining undisturbed.

From the unique vision and understanding of what the market is looking for in residential living, coupled with the architectural design, smart technology and natural assets, Salta Sibaya is set to change the face of property within KZN.

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